WOF Token

The core info of the primary SPL token and future use.
WOF is an official token for World Of Frens, Inside Out Friends and Monke Frens Project.
WOF Token is a fungible token on the Solana blockchain based on the Solana Program Library (SPL) with a supply of 26,555,333. WOF Token plays a crucial role in the project’s tokenomics, it’s a utility token that offers a range of benefits to users, including free mint, access to Augmented Reality utility, buying custom AR skins, custom NFT metadata, future free mints….. and more.
One of the key features of the WOF Token is its deflationary nature. Once spent tokens will be burned forever, reducing the overall supply of the token. This helps to increase the value of the remaining tokens, creating more valuable and sought-after assets for users.
WOF Token Address: 3NvnYh9U5pjtb2CLgRpiZqGb1YVaN4PomRzYiJcXPJyd
The math is simple, WOF is earnable either by staking or buying on the marketplace.
  • World Of Frens - Coming after Mint
  • Inside Out Friends - 15 WOF Daily Reward
  • Monke Frens - 15 WOF Daily Reward
WOF has no economic value and therefore is not an investment!