Mint Info

World Of Frens
Official IOF token from Inside Out Friends and Monke Frens will be swapped for the $WOF Token, as an official community token.

WHITELIST. How will it work?

OG Whitelist Spots: 1666

We decided to change things. Why not? Instead of the classic mechanism of collecting WL spots, we decided to add a new more interactive method that will add and create more value for their holders and will be limited to only 1666 spots.
What is it all about and how does it work? Before the official minting of the World Of Frens collection, the OG Tokens collection will be launched and will be minted via the $WOF token (official token from Gen1 collection: Inside Out Friends). The collection will be tradable on secondary marketplaces, providing in that way second Whitelist liquidity for holders. The Snapshot in the specified time will be taken and holders will receive an airdrop with a WL token. 1 NFT = 1 WL token.
Holders of OG Tokens will have a major role and benefits in our community and Discord.
Pre-mint collection info
Name: World Of Frens: OG Tokens
Supply: 1666
Price: 1800 $WOF
Mint Date: 15.05.2023.
Description: Get ready to step back in time and relive the golden age of friendship with our Presale OG collection featuring iconic gadgets from yesteryear. Our tokens represent the ultimate nostalgia trip, taking you back to a time when roller skating, camera film, radio cassettes, and other gadgets were the coolest things around.
World Of Frens: OG Tokens - Sneak Peak

Presale WL Spots

Cross collab management with popular platforms for offering WL spots. WL token will be the same for OG and for Presale.
To keep up to date and to be an early Frens, you need to follow us on Twitter and join our Discord.